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  • Tardiness is almost as bad as being absent.  Even a few minutes missed each day can cause a student to miss valuable skills and fall behind in his/her work.  WE NEED THEM HERE AND ON TIME IN ORDER TO TEACH THEM.  WITH THE NEW REQUIREMENTS PLACED ON STUDENTS, A FEW TARDIES/ABSENCES CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROMOTION AND RETENTION.  Parents/Guardians who habitually bring their children after the 8:00 tardy bell will be filed on in Municipal Court.

    Infraction Number & Consequence

    1st Tardy -- Warning
    2nd Tardy -- Parent Contact
    3rd Tardy -- Warning Letter
    4th Tardy -- Lunch D-Hall
    5th Tardy -- Morning D-Hall
    6th Tardy -- Charges Filed

    *Each 6 weeks, the tardy policy will start over.


    1. Always call the office at 940-864-2654 to let us know that your child will be absent.
    2. When your child returns to school, he/she needs to check in with the front office to get an Admit Slip.
    3. Always send a note, signed by a parent or guardian, explaining the absence.
    4. If a note is not provided for 
    an absence within (3) three days, the absences will be UNEXCUSED regardless of the reason.
    5. Always send a medical note when possible; additionally, this is required if absent more than (3) three consecutive days.
    6. Try to schedule doctor’s appointments as late in the afternoon as possible. Upon returning to school from a doctor’s appointment, please remember to bring a doctor’s excuse.



Thanks to Texas Farm Bureau, First United Methodist Church, and First Baptist Church for honoring the teachers of Haskell CISD with a meal during the week of our staff developments. Also a big thanks to Church of Christ for providing snacks. We appreciate your support and look forward to a new year teaching our kids.


Haskell ElementaryU.I.L. 8-AA District Champs

Haskell Elementary traveled to Hawley on December 10th for the District 8-AA UIL A+ Academic Meet.
Below are the results from the Meet:

2nd Grade: Creative Writing:  Jaxton Murphree, Brenli Martinez, Sydney Sanchez; Oral Reading: Easton LeFevre (3rd place), Rory Pittman, and Carter Webb (2nd place); Chess:  Boawen Berry, Jaxton Murphree, Carter Webb; Music Memory: Boawen Berry (1st place), Jaxton Murphree (1st place), Easton LeFevre (1st place), Carter Webb (1st place), Harper Pinkerton – 1st place Team

3rd Grade: Reading Writing: Koby Caparoon (4th place), Hayden LeFevre (6th place), Landri Adkins (3rd place), Gerald Hughes (ALT); Oral Reading: Jacob Adkins (1st place), Kason Hodnett (5th place), Hayden LeFevre (3rd place); Chess: Koby Caparoon (1st place), Grant Lackey (5th place tie), Jacob Adkins, Kavan Adams (ALT)- 1st place Team; Spelling: Gerald Hughes (3rd place), Hayden LeFevre, Koby Caparoon (1st place), Jacob Adkins (ALT)- 1st place Team; Music Memory: Landri Adkins, Koby Caparoon, Ariana Castorena, Kason Hodnett (6th place), Hayden LeFevre- 2nd place Team

4th Grade: Ready Writing: Theodore Skelton, Audrey Hall (4th place), Heavenly Valencia, Gabriella Martinez (ALT); Oral Reading: Teagan Hodgin (2nd place), Payden Wheat (5th place), Gabriella Martinez; Number Sense: Hayden Trevino, Carter Wolfe (4th place tie), Hanna Martinez (1st place), Audrey Hall (ALT)- 1st place Team; Chess: Theodore Skelton (4th place tie), Carter Wolfe, Heston Tatum, Teagan Hodgin (ALT)-  3rd place Team; Art Smart: Colton Crosson (4th place), Theodore Skelton (5th place), Kayden Diaz (6th place), Kadence Addington, Hayden Trevino- 2nd place Team; Spelling: Carter Wolfe, Colton Crosson, Rayleigh Graciano, AJ Mitchum (ALT); Music Memory: Kadence Addington, Colton Crosson, Hanna Martinez (6th place), Theodore Skelton- 2nd place Team  

5th Grade: Ready Writing: Brylee Teague, Ellie Harris (6th place), Gloria Perez; Oral Reading: Ellie Harris (1st place), Joselynne Tidrow, Lyric Pittman (5th place); Number Sense: Gloria Perez, Natalia Perez (3rd place), Lyric Pittman, Ernie Martinez (ALT)- 2nd place Team; Chess: Conner Russell, Brian Weng (6th place), Haegen Pinkerton, Ethan Camacho (ALT)- 3rd place Team; Art Smart: Rebekah Cunningham (5th place tie),  Brylee Teague (2nd place tie), Brynlee Stocks (1st place), Madisyn Hollabaugh, Sierra Castorena- 1st place Team; Listening: Conner Russell (2nd place), Kennedy Buchanan (1st place), Joselynne Tidrow, Camryn Lopez (ALT)- 1st place Team; Dictionary: Brynlee Stocks (1st place), Haegen Pinkerton (2nd place tie), Sierra Castorena, Carissa Elkin (ALT)- 1st place Team; Music Memory: Sierra Castorena (3rd place), Ellie Harris (1st place), Joselynne Tidrow (2nd place)- 1st place Team; Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Zariah Dever, Camryn Lopez, Conner Russell (2nd place), Brazos Brendle (ALT) ; Social Studies: Natalia Perez, Gloria Perez, Ellie Harris (6th place tie), Colin Walker (ALT)- 3rd place Team; Spelling: Gloria Perez (1st place tie), Natalia Perez (1st place tie), Madisyn Hollabaugh (3rd place), Ellie Harris (ALT)- 1st place Team





Elementary School
supplies are provided by Haskell CISD.

This includes a take-home folder/pouch that will replace a backpack. 

Backpacks will not be allowed at this time.

Photographing students other than your own is prohibited.

Students are not permitted to receive deliveries (i.e. flowers, gifts) at school.

  • Parents/Guardians are welcome to come eat with your children. When eating with your child, you must sit in the designated grade area. DO NOT share food or purchase ice cream for other students due to food allergies. The price for visitor lunches is $4.00.

    Parent should pre-pay for students lunches. The office will open at 7:45 am to take payments. Lunches are $2.75 for regular and $.40 for reduced. The district has a no charge policy.
Our Mission
The mission of Haskell CISD is to create a safe, nurturing community, empowering all students to reach their full potential and become responsible, productive citizens by providing opportunities for their success.

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